Vlogging: Long Term Affects (Opinion)

“A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog /ˈvlɒɡ/, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata.” – Video blog – Wikipedia

I watch a few YouTube vloggers and one of them vlogs daily. They are a family vlogger and I love watching them as they do all different things from day to day. I love watching their family grow and just hearing their story. I feel like I know them even though I really don’t. But it has got me thinking. What kind of affect does it have on them long term?

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Family Force 5 – BZRK [feat. KB] (Official Music Video)

Family Force 5 came out with a music video today for their new song BZRK and pre-orders for their new album will be available 5/27/14 but I want to talk about the video. I love the song I’ll say that! with Crouton stepping up as lead singer i think it’ll be a great new album. Now the music video itself is awesome! I love the hair thing going on and how they just destroy a room! I hope they sell the hair hat things. One thing i did notice is in a few shots Croutons hair is coming out from under the hat. You would think they would have fixed that. I mean I understand it must be hot under there but still. I really don’t have any other complaints. I think they made a good choice featuring KB in the song and i don’t understand why a lot of people are being negative in the comments. Oh yeah i do have one more complaint. When they say “B.Z.R.K” it sounds like “Easy Arcade” or something like that. It took me like 10 times of listening to the song to get what they were saying. But yeah I don’t know that’s just what i thought.

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Crimson Cord First Impression

A full review of “Crimson Cord” by Propaganda will come next week, when I have more time to listen to it. Until then, here are my initial thoughts.

The CD is definitely solid. It really makes you think, as Propaganda did with his 2012 album “Excellent.” I found myself mulling over “Bored Of Education” from the new album, and I also find myself relating to it and understanding. Parents will find understanding in some tracks, impoverished people will find understanding in some tracks, and teens find understanding in others. Propaganda has a unique way of showing that he gets it, and if he doesn’t get it, he’ll say so and move on.

Propaganda also knows how to cleverly bend words and rhymes to create Spoken Word that defies imagination. “Crimson Cord” serves up some great beats, rhymes, and lyrics. Mixed with Propaganda’s wonderful logic and theology, it’s a great combination.

I’m really into the tracks “Crimson Cord,” “Daywalkers,” and “Bored Of Education” at the moment, but that’s likely to change. I haven’t really had time to contemplate the deep meanings behind some of the other tracks, so I can’t truly comment on them (which is why this isn’t a full review).

But hey, if you want to hear the songs for yourselves and form your own opinions, the album is free to download here. Alternatively, you can support Propaganda by buying it on iTunes or Amazon. But for free, you really have no excuse not to give it a shot, so go ahead.

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Happy Vs. Happy: Two A Capella Groups Take On The Pharrell Hit

Happy is one of my favorite songs right now, and a capella is an amazing style of music. What happens when you blend the two? Well, quite different results, apparently. My two favorite a capella groups recorded Happy by Pharrell Williams in two completely different styles, and to two different outcomes. I enjoyed one but disliked the other, and I’ll explain why. Here we go!

So, I’ve been listening to Straight No Chaser for about four years now, and I love their music. I got hooked by their hilarious take on The Twelve Days Of Christmas, and I’ve been listening ever since. Yes, I own all their albums and EPs. These ten guys cover everything from Billie Jean and Signed, Sealed, Delivered straight up to I’m Yours and Rolling In The Deep. Their version of Happy is just as great as everything else they create; check it out.

In this version, everything comes together well. Although there are no instruments at all, the song doesn’t seem lacking. The version stays true enough to the original while keeping a signature Straight No Chaser flair. Jerome (lead) does a great job at infusing Pharrell’s lyrics with a little soul, while still singing in a similar pitch to the original. Not to mention, the hats are a wonderful touch, aren’t they?

Now onto the Pentatonix version. I first heard of Pentatonix when they were on the Sing-Off a few years back. I didn’t like them on the show, but since then, I’ve fallen in love with some of their covers. They do mostly contemporary songs, and occasionally they’ll throw in a violin (one guy can beatbox AND play the violin at the same time!) to mix it up. Head to their channel here to see renditions of Say Something, Can’t Hold Us, Somebody That I Used To Know, We Are Young, and more. One of my favorite covers is on Lindsey Stirling’s channel; Radioactive is beautifully done.

Sadly, this Happy cover doesn’t captivate me like their other covers do.

The lead singer has a tendency to throw in a bit of speech slurring or grit into his songs, and most of the time, it works out really well. Just a touch of grit can be a great thing. In Happy, he throws it on far too thick, to the point where I can hardly understand the line about the hot air balloon near the beginning of the track. The two background singers/clappers don’t really do enough with their voices, though I know that they can. Even though there are only five of them, sometimes they can fill a track more than Straight No Chaser does with ten. Here, however, the background isn’t very filling, and that’s necessary for this song. The bass and beatboxing are great, and they’re definitely the redeeming points of the track. I do enjoy the way the song was arranged; I just wish they had executed it better.

What do you think? Which version do you prefer? Comment below!

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Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon: Test Drive 2

If you you haven’t seen the first test drive you should watch it but a lot of people thought it was fake, I don’t know I’m not sure if i thought it was real or fake but now i think it was real because of this video! its pretty awesome! i love cop chases so that made it better. Please forgive the language, i don’t know why they edited some of it out but not all of it. But this video is awesome! So the question is do you think this video and the first one is real or fake? One thing to note is the video (by little text on the bottom) says that it is on a close course, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Here is the article that the guy in the back seat wrote about the prank, Here.

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Vine – What I Think


Hey guys, so i’ve started using Vine. Vine is a video service that allows you to record a 6 second video and then it loops (for like 30 times). I started using it for my JMan project and am trying to post twice a day. Its pretty easy if you have a small idea, you can have jump cuts and everything. Really i have a few problems with it. You can only use footage that you record on the app and not from whats on your device. And the looping gets annoying, if only there was a way you could turn off the looping in your app and mute the sound unless you click on the sound. My other problem is i think there is a ton of fake accounts on there so when your video gets a like or a revine you can’t be sure if its a real person liking or revineing your video. I think Twitter can make some improvements to it to make it better.

But anyway i have two Vine accounts, one personal and one for JMan. Please go follow them, or at least my personal one because i revine everything from JMan.

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