Topic Ideas?

Hey guys what are some topic ideas that you have that you would like to see on this blog? I am open to almost anything. Comment down below or let me know some how your ideas. Here is some of my ideas that I would like to do sometime this year.

  • Finish “Love In Depth (According To The Bible)”
  • Movie Reviews (New and Old Movies)
  • Music Reviews (New and Old Albums)
  • Book Reviews (or Audiobook Reviews)
  • Weekly Recaps (like of news)
  • Video Game Reviews
  • Random Thoughts

Let me know which ideas you like the most!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


The Difference Between Blogging & Vlogging

Blogging, Vlogging isn’t that the same thing except one is in words and the other is on video? Well yes and no, and here is why.

Blogging is sharing your thoughts in words, some people can sit there and write pages and pages worth and others (like me) just write a few paragraphs. To whereas Vlogging is also sharing your thoughts but it actually requires more work…finding a good background, finding a camera and tripod and placing it in the right spot and editing and finding a title and uploading it to YouTube or where ever.  It basically is the same thing just different form of it but I’m just gonna say that blogging is easier in ways but yet harder in others. What do you think, and which one do you like best? Tell me in the comments.

Please follow this blog and share it with your friends, till next time have a good day.

Just Rambling,

John Stuart

The Liebster Award


Hey Guys i know i haven’t posted a post in a few days but I’m just waiting for good thoughts to ramble about, and i think the Liebster Award is a good topic. So i hear how this works is a fellow blogger

nominates you along with 11 other bloggers and then you post about it and do a few steps and then nominate some fellow bloggers of your own.

I got nominated by Matt Shiflet (My Opinion As A Gamer) so i want to thank you for nominating me! i was reading your post and about to ask you to nominate me when i saw at the end of the post you already did! You are a talented writer and you have a good opinion on games and stuff like that, i enjoy reading your posts that interest me….even though they are very long haha but that’s good, it gives someone to sit down and think about.

Now with award there is a checklist you have to follow and everyone who you nominate has to follow so the check list is

  1. Post the Liebster Award graphic on your site.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated your blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the post of the person (or persons) who nominated you.
  4. The nominee will nominate 11 other blogs.
  5. The nominee will then create 11 questions of their own for their nominated bloggers to answer in their Liebster post.

So I’ve already done the first 2 steps and now its on to the rest. Here are the questions Matt Shiflet asked his 4 bloggers (i guess that’s all he can gather, but that’s okay cause I don’t know how many i can put either) anyways back on track. step 3 is to answer the questions the person who nominated asked his bloggers.

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