With My Eyes Wide Open by Brian Head Welch (Book Review)

After reading (listening) to Brian Head Welch’s first book “Save Me From Myself” I really wanted to read his newest book that came out this past May. Like I said I have been following Brian and his music for a while now and back in 2013 when he announced he was joining Korn again, like probably a lot of people I began to think he was backsliding in his faith with Christ. I even made a blog post about it on another blog I used to manage. I was very skeptical. So actually I have been wanting to read this book since I heard about it coming out earlier this year. I wanted to know what happened and why he was joining Korn again.

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Save Me From Myself by Brain Head Welch (Book Review)

I don’t like to read much, so I prefer audiobooks, so I downloaded this book in audio format and listened to it. I have been following Brian Head Welch and his music for several years. I first heard his testimony on I Am Second. I already knew part of his story but I didn’t know exactly what kind of world he was coming out of. I’d heard of Korn and heard some of their songs but I don’t like them. I started listening to this book just to understand where he was coming from a little better.

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Truth is Truth

You know when you are going through something and someone tells you or you know exactly what you have to do to go through it? Most of the time it’s really hard and you don’t wanna do it. Sometimes it has to get a little worse before it gets better, right? For example when you break up with someone the first thing a lot of people want to do is try and get that person back (most of the time) and the truth is you are probably better off without that person so you just need to cut them out of your life completely.

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The Ramble Bloggers Needed!

Do you like writing about just random thoughts or reviews of stuff? We need help getting The Ramble back up and running and growing! if you would like to volunteer and writing on the blog either full time (7 days a week) or just part time (3 days a week) just go to our Join page and fill out the form and we will get back with you and see if you fit in and sign you up to start writing!


John Stuart

What If The Fault Line Erupted?

The other night I was thinking this and I thought “most of the big company servers are in California” so could you imagine how many websites would be down if the fault line erupted? Of course there would be people in danger and people losing their lives, I’m not trying to take away from that but what I’m thinking about is people all over the US would be affected by this. Websites like Facebook and Twitter and Hosted websites could all be down and it would take weeks maybe even months to get them back up. And if those servers were destroyed then everyone would probably lose a lot of stuff they have online. People would be devastated I’m sure. Here is a picture of the fault lines in California


I don’t understand all of that but if you do please comment down below.

This is just a food for thought post. That’s just my opinion, you can post yours in the comments!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


Is Justin Bieber A Christian?

Recently I watched an interview with Justin Bieber talking about his faith. At first I was kind of shocked that such words were coming out of his mouth. But at the same time something told me he was genuine about it.

Several months ago I saw a headline that Bieber had gone to a Hillsong United worship concert. I thought “cool maybe he has turned his life around” but i really didn’t think much more of it. I needed to see more proof, and part of me still does. But only God knows Justin’s heart and where he stands and its not up to us to judge him.

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