Vlogging: Parasocial Relationships

 “Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships, where one person extends emotional energy, interest and time, and the other party, the persona, is completely unaware of the other’s existence. Parasocial relationships are most common with celebrities, organizations (such as sports teams) or television stars.” – Parasocial Relationships: The Nature of Celebrity Fascinations

As promised here is the second post about vlogging. This one I want to talk about the relationship that is formed between the viewer and the creator. It is called a Parasocial Relationship. It is really one sided because the viewer starts to feel like they know the person on the camera. They feel like they know a lot about that person. But the person on the video doesn’t know one thing about the person watching their video.

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Facebook “Hacking” Going Around

I’m seeing this almost all the time. One of my friends will post “I don’t plan on making a second Facebook account. I have been hacked, do not accept friend requests from me.” But what they don’t realize is they aren’t being hacked at all. People are searching through Facebook and finding someone, they create a new profile with that persons name and they use that person’s profile photo, or one of them. Which profile photos are set to public as default. Then with this new profile they go through that persons friends list (again public, most of the time) and they friend request everyone.

There is no hacking going on here. Simply just impostors pretending to be you. You’re account most likely isn’t in danger and all you have to do is report the new profile and maybe tell your friends to. That’s all!

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YouTube Announces YouTube Music Key

YouTube (Google) announced YouTube Music Key Beta” today. Basically in a summary it is a paid premium subscription music service where you can listen to music through YouTube, have offline listening and background play and its ad free. Sounds pretty much just like Spotify but that it also has music videos. its starting out at $7.99 a month whenever it actually releases, which is pretty much the same cost as Spotify right? It also will have full albums in video form, which is pretty much already there anyways and if you cant find it on YouTube you can surely find it on Spotify.

If its gonna have music videos, are they gonna be high quality? Because i dont want to pay for a music video that has quality of this video.

And btw i love 12 Stones so im not knocking them im just saying the video was uploaded in 2007 and its bad quality. If i wanted to just watch music videos i could go to Vevo, they have a lot of music videos that are also on youtube, through their Vevo Channels. I just think its not gonna go well because we are all used to YouTube music videos being free, and up until the last year or so all youtube videos were free. So we will see how it goes.

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Vine – What I Think


Hey guys, so i’ve started using Vine. Vine is a video service that allows you to record a 6 second video and then it loops (for like 30 times). I started using it for my JMan project and am trying to post twice a day. Its pretty easy if you have a small idea, you can have jump cuts and everything. Really i have a few problems with it. You can only use footage that you record on the app and not from whats on your device. And the looping gets annoying, if only there was a way you could turn off the looping in your app and mute the sound unless you click on the sound. My other problem is i think there is a ton of fake accounts on there so when your video gets a like or a revine you can’t be sure if its a real person liking or revineing your video. I think Twitter can make some improvements to it to make it better.

But anyway i have two Vine accounts, one personal and one for JMan. Please go follow them, or at least my personal one because i revine everything from JMan.

Personal Vine

JMan’s Vine

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Get Your Paper, Get Your Paper Here At Facebook

Get Your Paper, Get Your Paper Here At Facebook, Now Available on Facebook, Best Facebook News Ever…okay I’m done with my little yelling spree

Okay i don’t have much to say about this…the video says all it needs to. Will this turn out like their Snapchat fail “Poke” or like Facebook Camera? its obvious they are copying Flipboard. Oh well, ill be downloading it and maybe ill tell you how it is. if its worth even telling you. Here is Facebook’s blog post about it Here

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So i wanted to post this post a few weeks ago but my plan didn’t play out right so here i am now doing it. So whats the point of hashtags? Well ill tell you what I think and maybe it ll change your look about hashtags, maybe better or worse.

Hashtags to me are a way to spread the word about something, like your opinion on Taco Bell or something so that if someone has never been to Taco Bell (which i don’t know anyone who hasn’t) they can look on Twitter and now Facebook the hashtag #TacoBell and look whats new and what people think of it. But i think people over use hashtags like on Instagram like they will post a selfie of themselves and put hashtags like #hot #swag #newshoes #snapback #goodhairday and that is over using hashtags. I use hashtags sometimes but not all the time, oh another way people use them is like if something new has come out like #PS4 or #Xbox1 and i think that’s okay as long as you don’t use that in every post, which i know some one who at the end of every post there is #muhahahahaha and that can get really annoying.

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Is YouTube a Social Network?

So is YouTube actually a “Social” network? this is a question Ive asked some of my friends and they’ve all told me no but, i think it is because you can do these things…well some you used to be able to do…until September 12th.

Comment: You can comment on someones video and tell them what you think and they can replay to that comment and you can reply the comment that they replied, it goes on and on and that makes it “Social”, at least i think.

Video Responses: You used to be able to basically tag your own video to someone’s video that was like a video comment. They took this feature way on September 12th and they are suppose to have a new feature to replace it so we will see what that is.

Like or Dislike: You can tell someone just by a click of a button whether you like what they said in the video or dislike it. its a big ego killer if you dislike people’s videos but if you like it, it helps them see that someone cares about the content they are sharing, again this is being “Social”.

Subscribing: If you subscribe to someone its like becoming their friend on Facebook or following them on Twitter, its saying “Hey i like what this guy or girl is sharing”. This is being “Social” because you are connected to that person on the internet and you get their videos in your feeds.

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