MacGyver Reboot (First Episode Review)

My first thoughts on the #reboot of MacGyver on CBS is very disappointing. The originally MacGyver had way better morals. He was still a chick magnet but still. This reboot feels more like a 007 and Burn Notice show then#MacGyver. There also wasn’t any foul language in it (maybe on once or twice but that’s it). There needs to be more ducktape and rope. It is a big letdown.

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


Burn Notice (TV Review)

Burn Notice is about a guy who used to be in the CIA but then got black listed and was kicked to Miami to stay there forever. Couldn’t find a job, all his bank accounts are frozen and it looks like his life might as well just be over. So he spends his time just helping people who come to him solve crime. Its a very intense show and i highly suggest you watch it.

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