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Hey guys, so i’ve started using Vine. Vine is a video service that allows you to record a 6 second video and then it loops (for like 30 times). I started using it for my JMan project and am trying to post twice a day. Its pretty easy if you have a small idea, you can have jump cuts and everything. Really i have a few problems with it. You can only use footage that you record on the app and not from whats on your device. And the looping gets annoying, if only there was a way you could turn off the looping in your app and mute the sound unless you click on the sound. My other problem is i think there is a ton of fake accounts on there so when your video gets a like or a revine you can’t be sure if its a real person liking or revineing your video. I think Twitter can make some improvements to it to make it better.

But anyway i have two Vine accounts, one personal and one for JMan. Please go follow them, or at least my personal one because i revine everything from JMan.

Personal Vine

JMan’s Vine

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Get Your Paper, Get Your Paper Here At Facebook

Get Your Paper, Get Your Paper Here At Facebook, Now Available on Facebook, Best Facebook News Ever…okay I’m done with my little yelling spree

Okay i don’t have much to say about this…the video says all it needs to. Will this turn out like their Snapchat fail “Poke” or like Facebook Camera? its obvious they are copying Flipboard. Oh well, ill be downloading it and maybe ill tell you how it is. if its worth even telling you. Here is Facebook’s blog post about it Here

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John Stuart

Is YouTube a Social Network?

So is YouTube actually a “Social” network? this is a question Ive asked some of my friends and they’ve all told me no but, i think it is because you can do these things…well some you used to be able to do…until September 12th.

Comment: You can comment on someones video and tell them what you think and they can replay to that comment and you can reply the comment that they replied, it goes on and on and that makes it “Social”, at least i think.

Video Responses: You used to be able to basically tag your own video to someone’s video that was like a video comment. They took this feature way on September 12th and they are suppose to have a new feature to replace it so we will see what that is.

Like or Dislike: You can tell someone just by a click of a button whether you like what they said in the video or dislike it. its a big ego killer if you dislike people’s videos but if you like it, it helps them see that someone cares about the content they are sharing, again this is being “Social”.

Subscribing: If you subscribe to someone its like becoming their friend on Facebook or following them on Twitter, its saying “Hey i like what this guy or girl is sharing”. This is being “Social” because you are connected to that person on the internet and you get their videos in your feeds.

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Apple’s iPod Touch 5th Gen Rip Off

display_hero_parallaxSo if you haven’t heard the iPod Touch 5th Generation come out last year when the iPhone 5 came out. i was looking at the specs a lot today and i realized something that is a rip off. there is 3 different versions of the 5th gen, 16gb, 32gb and 64gb. the 16gb doesn’t have a back facing camera. look closely at the photo on the left compared to the one on the right. i think that’s a rip off and that must be why its cheaper to get. but for $278 or so i think they could afford  to put a back facing camera in there….i mean its the same physical size. Tell me what you think.

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iOS 7 and It’s Pros & Cons

iOS7 LockScreenSo iOS7 is coming out this fall and i have some issues with it. Yes i agree its a very nice update but it has its pros and cons, everything has its pros and its cons i suppose. Apple has made some pretty smart things in the past 10 years but they arnt perfect. There are some new things in this OS update but also some stupid updates.

iMessages, its extremely white and it’ll be even brighter when your texting in the dark like we all do.

Okay Photos are are pretty cool the way they order it with date and location. but again its a little too white.

Ok i love the home screen there’s more then i can explain the best way to look at is is look up the press video about ios7.

One of the new things that they have is Multitasking! i think this will be useful!

Control Center is another great feature they added! itll be easier to turn wifi on and off or airplane mode and Bluetooth!

AirDrop is a new feature! its basically like Bluetooth but just for apple devices.

iTunes Radio is basically like Spotify Radio or Pandora so i guess Apple finally caught up.

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