Left Behind (Movie Review)

a-billboard-for-the-2014-left-behind-movie-starring-nicolas-cage-is-seen-on-display-in-new-york-cityAre you ready for the end? Because its coming. The other night i went to see the new Left Behind movie with Nicolas Cage. It had better acting then the old ones with Kirk Cameron but it was still kinda cheesy.  Let me tell you what all i thought.

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Heaven Is For Real (Movie Review)

So i just got around to watching Heaven Is For Real, wanted to watch in the theaters but didn’t get around to it. I loved the movie, id give it a 5 out of 5! The father Todd kinda reminded me of myself.

So the movie was about this kid who basically died and went to heaven and came back. Well he didn’t actually die but during surgery is when he went to heaven. His father is a preacher and at first for a while he doesn’t believe his son. That causes problems with him and his church but after the son tells the dad that he saw his dads granddad and then tells his mom about how he say the daughter that died in the moms stomach and was in heaven the believe him.

Its a good movie! i recommend it! Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good day!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart

Planes Fire and Rescue (Movie Review)

Finally I have something to blog about, I missed you guys. So yesterday i went to see Planes Fire and Rescue in theaters and right off the bat i would give it a 5 or 6 out of 10. It wasn’t as funny as the first Planes but it had its moments. Spoiler Alert!

Like the deer in the movie were John Deer tractors and instead of having antlers they were headlights (Deer in the headlights). It was a good movie, and like the other movies from Pixar you can compare this movie to the other Planes and Cars and Cars 2, the story line is basically the same, a underdog has a dream and in the end he succeeds it and saves the world or wins the race. Its just interesting to see how many movies they can make with the same basic story line.

Basically Dusty, the plane who won the race in the first Planes becomes a fire plane, putting out forest fires because their airport needs a second fire engine or plane to be up and running.  I recommend you go see it but there were some references in there that i thought wasn’t that appropriate for young young kids, but you know kids these days they know everything at age 4 haha

Like I said I give it a 5 or 6 out of 10 though. Thanks for reading this and i hope you go watch it! Until next time!


Just Rambling,

John Stuart

The Lego Movie (Movie Review)


I watched The Lego Movie over the weekend and here’s my review. So its about a regular John Doe construction worker if you will, hes always in the background no one really knows who he is, the have seen him but don’t really know him, his name is Emmit.



Emmit just wants to fit in but no one is really accepting him, he doesn’t really see it that well, i mean maybe but not really. Anyways hes at the construction site and everyone’s leaving and ill skip a few parts so its not a spoiler he ends up with this thing on the back and that thing is really important and he has to put it back where it belongs. Suddenly he becomes really important to the whole Lego world and he has a mission to defeat the bad guy and save the world. He meets super heroes along the way like BatMan and a bunch of others and he does save the world and everything is awesome!


So that’s my review i hope you liked it, i didn’t want to give that many spoilers so that’s why it might seem short. Please like this post and follow this blog if you want to!

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Everything is Awesome!!!

Million Dollar Arm Movie Review

Thanks to comedian Russell Peters, I am interested in movies or TV shows that involve Indian people as the main characters. Don’t ask me why; I don’t really know. But when I saw a preview for Million Dollar Arm, I knew I had to go see it, despite the fact that I couldn’t care less about baseball. I’m incredibly glad I did, because Million Dollar Arm is funny, yet serious, and entertaining, yet informative. It’s an inspirational story that shows us that we can do anything we set our minds to.

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Gravity (Movie Review)


So this movie is kinda weird, it’s really slow moving and there really isn’t a storyline…I mean there is but there isn’t…from what I can tell it’s just about people that are stranded in space trying to get back to earth. They run into a lot of problems, and they have to get through it all to get back to Mother Earth. So there ends up being one survivor and she’s able to get to a Russian space station…and she decides to use the landing jets to try to the Chinese Space Station to use their escape pod to get back to earth. She gets to the escape pod just as the station starts hitting the the earth. When she hits land she lands in the water only for her pod to sink. But she makes it out…the end.

Not really a movie i recommend so if i had to rate it id probably give it a 2, just because the graphics were good. Well thats all i have for you today, please like this blog and follow for more content!

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John Stuart