Are Sam And Nia Coming Back To YouTube?

Just about half an hour ago Sam and Nia (YouTube Vloggers) uploaded a video after a month of video silence. Ill let the video speak for it self.

They don’t know when they are coming back but they do plan to post random videos! I hope they realize that they have a supporting fan base and that we want them back. It was nice to see them again and this video is sky rocketing by the minute it currently has 10 thousand views and counting. I know there are still a lot of haters out there, what i have to say to them is; we all make mistakes but God gives us a second chance, God loves us more then we can imagine and He wants the best for us.

Well thats all i have for you today. if you have never heard of Sam and Nia before please check out this site that i made on my spare time.

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Just Rambling,

John Stuart


Why People Need To Give Sam And Nia A Break

A couple days ago Sam And Nia got kicked out of Vlogger Fair after Sam Rader said some things he said that were taken as treats and later he regretted. They posted a video talking about it and how the have decided to take a week or so off from vlogging.

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Sam And Nia: YouTube Vloggers, Viral Video, Miscarriage, Secret Out

So I feel like i have to speak up about this. I am a christian and we christians need to stand up for each other. So earlier this month YouTube Vloggers Sam and Nia from Texas posted a video with a unusual pregnancy announcement. The husband revealed to his wife that she was pregnant.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all! Let’s not forget that Jesus is the true reason for the season!

As you celebrate today, check out these Christmas tracks; they’re among some of my favorite out there.

Straight No Chaser-12 Days of Christmas

Northern Wonder-Little Drummer Boy

Tobymac and Owl City-The First Noel and Light of Christmas

Pentatonix-That’s Christmas To Me

Paul McCartney-Wonderful Christmastime

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

YouTube Announces YouTube Music Key

YouTube (Google) announced YouTube Music Key Beta” today. Basically in a summary it is a paid premium subscription music service where you can listen to music through YouTube, have offline listening and background play and its ad free. Sounds pretty much just like Spotify but that it also has music videos. its starting out at $7.99 a month whenever it actually releases, which is pretty much the same cost as Spotify right? It also will have full albums in video form, which is pretty much already there anyways and if you cant find it on YouTube you can surely find it on Spotify.

If its gonna have music videos, are they gonna be high quality? Because i dont want to pay for a music video that has quality of this video.

And btw i love 12 Stones so im not knocking them im just saying the video was uploaded in 2007 and its bad quality. If i wanted to just watch music videos i could go to Vevo, they have a lot of music videos that are also on youtube, through their Vevo Channels. I just think its not gonna go well because we are all used to YouTube music videos being free, and up until the last year or so all youtube videos were free. So we will see how it goes.

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Just Rambling,

John Stuart

New Music and New Beginning

Silence The Ocean is a local band where i live and they are a christian metal-core, or screamo band. They recently released two songs from their upcoming album “Broken Vessels” that is coming out November 15th! I just thought id share with you the songs. So the first one is “Structures” and i think its a pretty good song, it wouldn’t replace my favorite song by them called “Candlelights” which is off their last EP, but its a good song! The second one which is the latest is “Fragile” now i must say I’ve listen to this song a bunch and i actually have and idea for a music video for it. I love this song, again still doesnt replace my favorite song but its close! Just listen to these two songs and if you like them go like their Facebook page and subscribe to them on YouTube!

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