“Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships, where one person extends emotional energy, interest and time, and the other party, the persona, is completely unaware of the other’s existence. Parasocial relationships are most common with celebrities, organizations (such as sports teams) or television stars.” – Parasocial Relationships: The Nature of Celebrity Fascinations

As promised here is the second post about vlogging. This one I want to talk about the relationship that is formed between the viewer and the creator. It is called a Parasocial Relationship. It is really one sided because the viewer starts to feel like they know the person on the camera. They feel like they know a lot about that person. But the person on the video doesn’t know one thing about the person watching their video.

Before I go any further I want you guys to watch this video about this topic.

That video probably explains it better then I ever could. It is something I have experienced. Being on the side where I feel like I know that person but they don’t know anything about me. Some of you might be saying “Yeah but there is comments” that is true but you really can’t get to know someone to the same existent through the comments. Y0u can kinda get to know that person but not in the same way as the person commenting knows you, or feels like they know you.

Thats just something I wanted to share, I hope you guys found this helpful and insightful. I am trying to get back on a 2 days a week posting schedule but we will see how that goes! Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow!

Just rambling,

John Stuart



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