After reading (listening) to Brian Head Welch’s first book “Save Me From Myself” I really wanted to read his newest book that came out this past May. Like I said I have been following Brian and his music for a while now and back in 2013 when he announced he was joining Korn again, like probably a lot of people I began to think he was backsliding in his faith with Christ. I even made a blog post about it on another blog I used to manage. I was very skeptical. So actually I have been wanting to read this book since I heard about it coming out earlier this year. I wanted to know what happened and why he was joining Korn again.

So again I will try not go give to many spoilers in this review. This book is a good continuation of not only of his first book but his life. The last book left off where he was just about ready to start on his first solo album since leaving Korn and becoming a Christ follower.  This book pretty much picks up right there and tells the story of how he got caught up in a big scam. I won’t tell you what all happened you’ll have to read it for yourself! It also tells about how Brian felt like God was telling him to go back into Korn so he can reach the unreachable.

Since the old Korn days the guys in the band have really changed, they were all sober and drug free (almost all) and they were all married and had kids, so there was no backstage partying or any of the stuff that used to go on. Brian reached out to 3 of his friends and mentors he trusted for advice before going back and everything just pointed in that direction! The book also tells about the struggles Brian had with his daughter as she was growing up and in her teenage years. I won’t say anything else about that, if you want to know you’ll need to read the book!

Bottom line, if you were like me and thought that Brian Head Welch had backslidden in his faith or you liked the first book, then I highly recommend this book for you. Brian’s story is a very powerful story and I believe he will touch many lives! Don’t forget to follow, like, and comment and check back for more posts like this!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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