I don’t like to read much, so I prefer audiobooks, so I downloaded this book in audio format and listened to it. I have been following Brian Head Welch and his music for several years. I first heard his testimony on I Am Second. I already knew part of his story but I didn’t know exactly what kind of world he was coming out of. I’d heard of Korn and heard some of their songs but I don’t like them. I started listening to this book just to understand where he was coming from a little better.

I am gonna try not to give any spoilers to the book as much as I can. I got to say if cussing offends you, you might not wanna read this book. Brian is a christian but because of his past life he was still a little rough around the edges when this book was written. Brian and the band Korn were true rockstars and they had anything you can think of or they had enough money to buy it. Women, drugs, cars, mansions, platinum albums, and on and on. At one point in their career they each had separate tour buses because they couldn’t stand being around each other unless they had to like on stage.

Thats right, they couldn’t stand each other. I’m sure thats not what people think when they think rockstar. When you think rockstar you probably think you everything you want and you are happy. They may have been rockstars but they were the last thing from happy. But I said I wouldn’t give spoilers. Once Brian became a christian and started following God, some of the things he struggled with just basically fell apart but his life still wasn’t perfect. He still struggled with things like anger meltdowns among other things. But God was with him and living inside of him and working on him in time.

I highly recommend this book if you are interesting in hearing a great testimony. It’s well worth a read! I also read his other book “With My Eyes Wide Open” so look for that review later this week or maybe next week. Thanks for reading this, don’t forget to follow, like, and comment!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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