Recently I watched an interview with Justin Bieber talking about his faith. At first I was kind of shocked that such words were coming out of his mouth. But at the same time something told me he was genuine about it.

Several months ago I saw a headline that Bieber had gone to a Hillsong United worship concert. I thought “cool maybe he has turned his life around” but i really didn’t think much more of it. I needed to see more proof, and part of me still does. But only God knows Justin’s heart and where he stands and its not up to us to judge him.

If Justin Bieber actually has committed his life to Christ then that is great! But at the same time his actions should reflect his faith. So I started listening to his latest album “Purpose” and just by the name of the tracks on that album I can see a difference. Some of the songs are “Life Worth Living”, “Love Yourself”, “Trust”, and “Sorry”. Now really anyone, christian or not christian can write songs like that, But these songs are not about sex, drugs, drinking, and all those things that Justin may be known for writing about.

I see that something is different about him. I think God is working in his life. He will still make mistakes and maybe slip back into his old ways but just because you are a christian doesn’t make you perfect. But what he does after he makes mistakes may show if he truly does want to be like Jesus.

I just felt like I needed to voice my opinion on this, I am not trying to judge anyone I’m just saying what I see. I hope you like this and voice your opinion down in the comments and let me know what you think.

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


One thought on “Is Justin Bieber A Christian?

  1. I am like you, I heard sometime ago that something was going on with Justin Bieber and I didn’t pay much attention to it. I don’t tend to follow artists that don’t have an inspirational message, but of course I have heard of Bieber’s antics through random news reports. After hearing more reports about his change, I decided to listen a bit closer. I believe that God has certainly been working on his heart. Of course, we as followers of Christ are not perfect by any means. I remember the crazy stuff I thought and did when I was first born again some 14 years ago. I still have Lord forgive me moments, but nothing like I did years ago. It is a daily walk to continually grow in our faith. I pray Bieber allows God to continue to lead him in his journey. Nice rambling thoughts John. Blessings!

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