I heard someone say something like this recently “If you find it hard to find time in your day to spend time praying to God, well i hope He makes time for you when you are in the thrown room”. I know that sounds silly and like “are you serious?” but it puts it in a perspective. Only you have control over what you do in a day. You have the same 24 hours in a day then everyone else does, so only you control when you make time to spend time with God in prayer. I don’t know that kinda got me and made me stop and think.

I want to challenge you along with challenging myself to take the time to pray to God more each day then you usually do. If you only pray to him like twice well then make it three or four times. Really I’m not asking that much. So find someone you can challenge to do this and hold each other accountable, just ask that person at the end of each day “Hey man, did you pray more today?” and just be there for each other.

That’s really all i had today, i just felt like i needed to share that bit of knowledge that i have learned this past week. Thanks for reading this, if you like it then hit that like button, Join the conversation below in the comments and follow me for more posts like this!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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