So I feel like i have to speak up about this. I am a christian and we christians need to stand up for each other. So earlier this month YouTube Vloggers Sam and Nia from Texas posted a video with a unusual pregnancy announcement. The husband revealed to his wife that she was pregnant.

A couple days later they announced they had a miscarriage.

Everyone is picking this up and some are saying it was fake and hating on them. I personally believe it is true and my heart goes out to them. When i watched their miscarriage video i was truly saddened. I cant image what going through that is actually like. I only know what ive heard and it is a terrible thing. So why would someone fake that?

Just a couple days ago they released a video talking about how Sam’s name was included in the Ashley Madison hack earlier this month and he admitted to creating the account about 2 years ago and has moved past it and as asked forgiveness from his wife Nia and his church family and most importantly from God, and he is forgiven. The bible says if you ask forgiveness God will forgive you.

And now people are hating them for this. Don’t you think they are going through enough already? I mean come on he admitted to it and said its in his past and he is forgiven, that should be enough. He was manly enough to admit his own mistake and admit it was wrong.

I wish people would just have a heart, this family is going through enough and people just make it worse. No one likes to have hateful comments said to them, i dont care what they say, no one does. So why do people say hateful things? I am not trying to be hateful to the people being hateful im just trying to make you see that you shouldnt make peoples life harder.

Despite all this i believe God is working through Sam and Nia right now and it is all part of His plan and He knew this was gonna happen and He knows the outcome. After all He knew us before we were created. That should blow your mind right there.

Well thats all i have to say about this, please like and comment and follow this blog!

Until next time…

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


4 thoughts on “Sam And Nia: YouTube Vloggers, Viral Video, Miscarriage, Secret Out

  1. What does God have to say about monetizing and profiting from a miscarriage on Youtube?

    I mean, what kind of couple, suffering from the physical pain and emotional trauma of a miscarriage, immediately thinks to make a video to share–with total strangers, of course!–such an intimate and personal experience less than 24hrs after it occurred? Furthermore, what kind of couple also makes certain to enable ads so as to therefore profit from said intimate experience? To profit from a miscarriage!? I might have given them a pass if they had at least disabled the ads, but no… they gotta make a buck. This is not simply crass, this is something beyond crass.

    The following tweet they made is a prefect example of their revolting display of avarice: “Our tiny baby brought 10M views to her video & 100k new people into our lives.”

    I mean seriously! Who thinks like that?!?

    These people are sick. I would not be surprised if the entire thing, both the pregnancy and miscarriage, was faked. Both videos seemed off/semi-scripted, especially the latter, which struck me as particularly peculiar.

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