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I Will Follow is three time American Music Award and oneGRAMMY nominated artist Jeremy Camp’s eighth studio album. Jeremy has been writing and recording for 12 years now, he has sold four million albums, four of his albums went RIAA Gold and he has one Multi-platinum DVD. He has been on more than 25 tours in the U.S. and has played in more than 32 countries.

Recently over the past year a door was opened with Capitol CMG and Jeremy decided to go all in and put his full effort into this album. I think it is a great album and that Jeremy Camp has down a great job on this album.


Let’s go Track by track.

1. Living Word: This is a song about how the words of God , the Bible is still alive even though the text may be hundreds of years old God’s word is still true to this day. You can read the Bible several times and understand more and more.

2. I Will Follow (You Are With Me): This is anthem saying that I will follow God even when times are really hard and the easy times. Even when we are so low and feel like giving up we still trust in Him because one day that we will see God face to face.

3. He Knows: God knows what we go through, he created us. He sent his son down to earth to die for our sins. When we feel like we are all alone in our struggle, Jesus can feel your pain just like you do.

4. Finally Home: I think this song is basically saying you know this earth is not our home, its temporary and when we finally go home to heaven that all the pain we feel here on this earth will be gone. We will be forever free and happy!

5. Christ In Me: This song is like crying out to Christ saying, take away all earthly things people see in me and let just see Jesus Christ through me.

6. ‘Til The End: This song is saying that we should trust, pray, serve, love, and fight for Jesus because in the end Jesus will be the one to win, so we need to be on His side or we will lose.

7. Can’t Be Moved: This is a statement that is basically saying that I believe in Jesus and Jesus alone, even when the world is crumbling around us we always have God to be our rock, and this rock can’t be moved.

8. Only In You: Only in God can we find true peace, true love, true happiness. Nothing compares to the life we find in Jesus Christ.

9. Same Power: The same power that has performed miracles like moving mountains and parting oceans lives in our hearts if we let Him. All we have to do is ask him into our hearts and put all our trust and faith in God.

10. We Are The Dreamers: If you dream something, it is possible because everything is possible with God and He created you.

11. Here I Am: Sometimes we just cry out to God and say here I am, take everything basically, open my eyes to what you want me to see, I surrender to you. When we truly do that God will show us some things.

John Stuart


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