YouTube (Google) announced YouTube Music Key Beta” today. Basically in a summary it is a paid premium subscription music service where you can listen to music through YouTube, have offline listening and background play and its ad free. Sounds pretty much just like Spotify but that it also has music videos. its starting out at $7.99 a month whenever it actually releases, which is pretty much the same cost as Spotify right? It also will have full albums in video form, which is pretty much already there anyways and if you cant find it on YouTube you can surely find it on Spotify.

If its gonna have music videos, are they gonna be high quality? Because i dont want to pay for a music video that has quality of this video.

And btw i love 12 Stones so im not knocking them im just saying the video was uploaded in 2007 and its bad quality. If i wanted to just watch music videos i could go to Vevo, they have a lot of music videos that are also on youtube, through their Vevo Channels. I just think its not gonna go well because we are all used to YouTube music videos being free, and up until the last year or so all youtube videos were free. So we will see how it goes.

What are your thoughts? leave them in the comments, and dont forget to follow the new Ramble blog and share with your friends!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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