Life is crazy. It’s hectic. But always take time to stop and enjoy it all.

I think most of you can agree with me on this one: life moves forward at an ever increasingly fast rate. I look back, and it has been over a month since my last post here. It feels like a only a week! It seems like just yesterday that I started the new school year, but in a mere month, I’ll be finished with the semester. I just turned in my first college application on Friday.

My life is whizzing by. Next thing I know, I’ll be an 18-year old voter on my way to college. But as for right now? Things are nuts. I keep up with schoolwork. I head to work a few days a week. I’ve got to stay active in Scouting and youth group. I carve out time to hang out with friends or enjoy a good video game. I write. A LOT. I’m nearly always clacking away at my keyboard one way or another between articles and school projects.

You know what, though? As much as I enjoy it all, it gets stressful. It gets to me at times. There are days when I wake up and do schoolwork until the minute I need to leave the house to go to work. I come home, go to sleep, and I do it all over again.

Maybe that’s why it seems like life is passing me by. I guess that’s why they say that we need to “stop and smell the roses.” I’ll never be young again…shouldn’t I be living it up, or something? Maybe I should have made more time to learn to skateboard this year like I had planned. Or maybe I could have gone camping more with my troop. Or I could have gone on another youth group trip. Or…something.This is time I won’t get back, and I’m using it to go to work and school!

Now, this isn’t a “woe-is-me” post. Trust me; I know people who are far busier than me. So, then, what’s my purpose?


Though life gets to me, and I’m sure it gets to many of you, we have to see the bright spots in every day. That day I did nothing but do schoolwork and go to work? That’s money going toward a new video game. That day when I spent 4 hours on a report? That’s another good grade on my transcript for colleges to see, brightening my future. That moment where I skipped skateboarding to go to a meeting? That’s responsibility, and it makes me savor the free time even more.

Optimism is everywhere.

Rather than being bummed out about being so busy, lighten up and take it in stride! I guarantee that no matter what’s going on, there’s at least something to be thankful for and excited about. Maybe it isn’t something huge like getting a brand new car…maybe it’s something small, like going to your fridge at midnight to find that the last piece of pie is still waiting for you after a rough day.

Maybe you won’t have the biggest or best Thanksgiving or Christmas…but simply having the means to read this post (phone, computer, tablet) makes you instantly richer than the majority of the world population. Be glad you’ve got electricity (trust me on this one).

Basically, take this away from what I’m saying: You can choose to walk through life pessimistic or optimistic. Pessimists make things worse. They dig themselves into deeper holes. The world swallows them up because they let it. Optimists find something worthwhile in every day, no matter how small. A simple song on a radio can be enough to brighten a day. Find that joy one way or another, and savor the days of your life that you’ve been granted.



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