What Do You Guys Want?

So since i switched over to this site address i think its important to keep new content constantly coming, so im gonna try to come up with some post ideas but i want to see what you guys want and maybe ill take one of your ideas and make a post, or a post series off of it. Comment down below and tell me what your idea is! I know next week i probably wont be coming out with any posts at all because i have OGTs. I might schedule some posts if i have time over the weekend to write a few but i don’t know. I will get with Matt and see if he will post some posts this week and next but i think hes been pretty busy too.

Well thats all i have, please tell all your friends to follow the new site, i want to try to get it back the way it was so please help me out!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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