Blog Update 2.3

Hey guys, so its been a while since i did an update post. I about said update video there! I know I promised a lot of things I was gonna do on this blog this summer and I didn’t do them. I’m sorry, its just been a busy summer and things get away from you. I can’t promise anything soon either, school is starting for me very soon and so I have to get back into the routine of that. I hope I can at least get a post out once a week but i cant promise that, in fact more then likely i won’t. Making a blog post requires having something to blog about, when i watch a new movie i can make a movie review, when i go on a trip i can talk about that. So it all depends on what goes on in my life, sometimes its just a detailed thought i have.

Bottom line, when i have something to talk about i will make a post! Matt usually posts once a week and that’s great, i would love to have more writers on this blog, my vision for this blog is to have one or more posts per day on  the weekdays. If you would like to be a writer on this blog please contact us.

Well that’s all for this update! Thank you for reading this and for following this blog! Please share it with your friends and have them follow the blog!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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