So, many of you are familiar with Minecraft. Fewer are familiar with the Mianite server. Let me introduce you to this daily stream that functions like a television show!

First off, let me say that Mianite does include some foul language from a couple of the players. I know everyone has a different take on profanity, and coming from a Christian, some might be appalled to see that I still enjoy entertainment that contains profanity. If you so desire, I can make a blog post in which I go in depths on the subject, but let’s skip that for the time being.

Mianite is a server run by Syndicate, a popular Minecraft player on YouTube. He invited some of his friends to join the server, and everyone plays together in a sort of faction-based gameplay. For example, the good guys in Mianite belong to Team Mianite. The evil doers are on Team Dianite. Mianite and Dianite function like the god and devil of this world. (Mianite is both the name of the server, and the deity figure, by the way.) So while the good guys are on the deity’s team, the bad guys are on the devil’s team, simply put. Team Ianite is the team of neutrality, and the leader of this clan has yet to show herself.

The Realm of Mianite streams pretty much daily, and you can find it on Twitch. It all plays out like an addicting soap opera for gamers in which players backstab, pull pranks, betray others, change loyalties, and call upon their leader to bring down punishment or justice on others. By writing a book and placing it in a hopper, a player can “pray” to their god/leader figure for help, if, say, another player is being unfair. Drama runs amok, revenge is had, and it all comes out to be an entertaining alternative to television.

With only a handful of players on the server (two on Team Mianite, one on Ianite, and two on Dianite with surprise appearances from other players who infrequently log on), this is more of a celebrity server in which you cannot hope to gain access as simply a viewer. Nonetheless, it is fun to watch.

Players stream at 3PM eastern almost daily, and if you can’t catch the stream, a condensed episode is posted on YouTube later on to sum up what happens each day. These episodes run in different lengths based on the lengths of the stream and what channel you watch it on. I, for example, watch on CaptainSparklez’s channel, and his videos are edited down to between 15 and 45 minutes from a stream that usually runs over an hour, oftentimes longer.

So, if you’re interested, tune in! Search Mianite on Twitch or YouTube, and you’re certain to find it. In fact, Mianite causes Minecraft to trend within the top games on Twitch, so you’ll even be able to find it on the homepage oftentimes. It was even acknowledged in Twitch’s most recent newsletter because of popularity.

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