Requests Of A Fast Food Worker

Starbucks Invests Heavily In Drive-Thru MarketThe customer is not always right. There, I said it. You, the customer, are not always right, and the sooner you figure it out, the better… alright, maybe I should preface this a bit. I work at a fast food restaurant where I live, and oftentimes it’s tough simply due to the lack of consideration by the customers. You guys make our lives so much more difficult because of a few simple things. I’m not accusing everyone out there, but if you’ve been a jerk in the drive thru, or if you’ve inappropriately handled an incorrect order, than you are probably one I’m pointing my finger at here. Long story short, I’m a fast food worker who is irritated by these careless actions, and all of our future transactions will go a lot smoother if you simply abide by these simple requests.

Let me first say that I am in no way a rude or lazy worker. In over a year of working fast food, I’ve never had anyone call in a complaint on me or need to speak to my manager. I’ve never been punished, chastised, or scolded for anything major at work, and overall, I do my job the way I’m meant to do it. So, I think I can say with confidence that the problem isn’t me. Oftentimes rough customers make an otherwise nice day turn sour. Here are some common things I encounter nearly daily that grind my gears. I’m not trying to come off as whiny, but when you deal with the same stuff for over a year, it gets aggravating to see the same patterns continue to emerge.

First off, the drive-thru is a major issue. Many of you yell into the speaker, making it impossible to discern what you’re saying. Others talk so softly that you’re nearly whispering. If you speak at an only slightly-than-louder volume, you’ll be just fine as long as you’re actually in front of the microphone. You don’t need to shout, and don’t you dare order from the passenger seat unless you speak up a bit more. If we ask you to repeat your order, there’s a pretty good chance it’s because of your volume.

If it’s not that, it’s your obnoxious diesel truck. Honestly, if you come through the drive-thru and have your diesel running, we will not be able to hear you. Turn it off, order, then turn it back on when you’re finished. The sound is deafening. The same goes for squeaky belts, rattly engines, or other issues. Take these into consideration; the headsets amplify sounds like these for some reason.

If we can’t hear you, don’t get agitated with us. 9 times out of 10, one of the aforementioned issues are the cause of our inability to hear. It’s usually your fault, and I’m not trying to sound like a jerk here; I’m just telling the truth. Don’t repeat your order with snark. We’re doing you a favor by having you repeat your order. After all, we could just take wild guesses and act like we heard you. Then where would you be when you get the wrong food? If we simply can’t understand, and we ask you to pull around to the window to complete your order, be decent. We’re just trying to do our job, and having a bad attitude will literally get you nowhere.fast20food20restaurant

For in-store orders, ordering is a lot easier. As long as you answer our questions, you’ll be fine! It’s etiquette that is lacking here. Don’t dump your ketchup right onto the tray. The tray liner is there for a reason; you also have wrappers on your food items. Use those. Also, don’t make messes and just leave. A good 9 out of 10 customers do just this. If you spill soda, it will only get worse. Tell us.

Please don’t leave leftover napkins or condiment packets on the tables. Honest workers won’t take them back to replenish supplies, so we just throw them away. Do that for us; you’re already going to the trash can when you exit anyhow.

If we mess up your order, confront us with understanding and grace. Where I work, we mess up food orders only a couple of times per shift; it’s a rare occurrence. Usually, it’s as simple as us pressing the “Extra” button rather than the “No” button, giving you extra onions instead of no onions. Maybe we forgot to add cheese, or sometimes, there’s not even a button for what you describe. For example, we toast our burger buns. If you don’t want them toasted, we have to personally tell the grill workers because there is no “Do Not Toast” button on the computer screen. If it’s a busy day, and this isn’t listed on the screen, your custom order will likely be pushed out of their immediate memory. It happens; we’ll fix it.

Finally, and this is the biggest one…. Do not stay in the lobby past close. Where I work, we’re not allowed to kick you out. But the hours are posted on all the doors, plus the drive-thru window. You have no reason not to know when the lobby closes. We want to get home at a decent hour too, and we still have closing/cleaning chores to get through after you leave. It’s not like we go home as soon as you leave; we still have anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour left to go due to cleaning. The hours are posted for a reason; do us a favor and be considerate. Many of us have to be awake to clock in for the morning shift the next day anyhow, so the sooner we go to sleep, the better.

Does it sound like I’m making a lot of rules? Maybe, but here’s a quick breakdown:
-Don’t yell or whisper in drive-thru; talk at a decent volume
-Take your car’s volume into consideration; shut off loud engines
-Be understanding and considerate; drive-thru speakers are difficult to hear and use
-Clean up after yourself; use liners for condiments
-Be considerate when having an order revised
-Take not of posted closing hours

There are just 6 main rules, most of which are common courtesy. Please, be decent. We’re minimum wage workers just trying to scrape by or save up for college. We did nothing to deserve your carelessness, crappy attitudes, and lack of consideration. Be nice to us, and we’ll be nice to you.

Thanks For Reading


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