The Lego Movie (Movie Review)


I watched The Lego Movie over the weekend and here’s my review. So its about a regular John Doe construction worker if you will, hes always in the background no one really knows who he is, the have seen him but don’t really know him, his name is Emmit.



Emmit just wants to fit in but no one is really accepting him, he doesn’t really see it that well, i mean maybe but not really. Anyways hes at the construction site and everyone’s leaving and ill skip a few parts so its not a spoiler he ends up with this thing on the back and that thing is really important and he has to put it back where it belongs. Suddenly he becomes really important to the whole Lego world and he has a mission to defeat the bad guy and save the world. He meets super heroes along the way like BatMan and a bunch of others and he does save the world and everything is awesome!


So that’s my review i hope you liked it, i didn’t want to give that many spoilers so that’s why it might seem short. Please like this post and follow this blog if you want to!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


Everything is Awesome!!!


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