Why Record Labels Are Going To Fade Away


I hope I’m not the only one seeing this but if you haven’t noticed a lot of bands (mainly christian bands) are getting away from record labels and using their fans via Kickstarter to raise money for like albums and stuff. Now what does this do to the record labels? Well it cuts out the need for a record label, if the band can raise their own money for a record or a music video and book their own shows then they don’t need to be under a record label.

So sometime in the future their will be no need for record labels because all artists will be doing stuff on their own. New artists might be an exception but really once they see that they don’t need a record label to tell them what to do then they will go off and do their own thing too. I don’t know maybe that’s just me but that’s what i see happening! Tell me what you think in the comments.

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Just Rambling,

John Stuart


One thought on “Why Record Labels Are Going To Fade Away

  1. I don’t think labels are going anywhere. They provide publicity that can be tough through Kickstarter or by indie publishing, especially for new acts nobody knows about.


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