Tips To Stay On Task

Juggling responsibilities isn’t always easy, is it? Running from school to sports practice then back home to study can take a lot out of a person, for example. In the busy, crazy world we love in, how do we organize ourselves and keep all our responsibilities under control? Herr are a few tips; maybe they’ll help!

In my life, I have a lot to keep up with. I have school during the day, and some days I have college classes in the evening (I’m a homeschooled high schooler who does both), other nights, I’m at work, and if I’m not there, I’m at home writing for Gamers Sphere which takes at least an hour or two a day. I often record gameplay videos during the week, and on Sundays I have church and a Boy Scout meeting. Whew! Oh, and let’s not forget household chores and family time! How do I keep it all together and still have time to eat and sleep? Here’s how:

#1: Complete Tasks In Order Of Importance
Let’s face it, sometimes, tasks take longer than expected or can go wrong no matter how well we plan. If some unexpected bump in the road comes along while completing a task, something else is going to have to be forgone and not done that day. Make sure you do your most important chores first, if possible. That way, if you don’t have time to do it all, the least important chore doesn’t get done as opposed to the most important one. For example, if I have to mow the lawn, study for a test, and write an article all in the same day, I would study first, then mow, then write the article since studying is surely most important.

#2: Schedule Tasks Smartly
In the previous example, I said I would mow second. Take a minute and think… now matter how important or unimportant mowing is, I have to be done mowing before the sun goes down. Even if I don’t consider mowing all that important, I cant afford to place it last in the list because it is a chore than correlates with a specific time. When you’re scheduling your tasks, do it smartly and pay attention to how long it’ll take you finish each time (roughly) as well. Also, be sure to take note of time sensitive tasks. If you have a report due in two days, you’ll want to devote more time to that than you otherwise would. Think about what you do before you just jump in; planning is key.

#3 Stay Calm
Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed. Sometimes, taking on many tasks can be draining, and it can really seem impossible. Having a negative outlook and panicking will only make it worse, and you’ll end up taking longer to get everything finished in the day. Keep cool, and realize that as a human, mistakes will be made. Maybe you won’t get it all done, but that’s alright if you followed steps #1 and 2.

#4 Don’t Take On Too Much To Begin With
This tip speaks for itself. By not overloading your plate initially, you won’t have to have to work about coming through later when you feel overwhelmed. I’m not saying that you should be a slacker and do nothing, but maybe just consider not joining that one extra club or team. Everything in moderation, after all. This way, you’ll have room to add something on later if you have extra spare time; this is a lot easier than having to drop an obligation instead.

#5: Stay Organized
Planning is nothing without good organization. If you plan it all out but fail to organize your time in a way that allows you to get it all done, your meticulous planning has gone to waste. Make sure everything is orderly; tasks will be completed quicker this way. It’s a lot easier to mow the lawn when you know you’ve got plenty of gas, you’ve put the keys in their correct storage spot, and the mower has had a recent oil change to keep it in good working condition, for example.

Hopefully these five tips will help you stay on top of things in your busy lives!

Thanks For Reading


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