Crimson Cord First Impression

A full review of “Crimson Cord” by Propaganda will come next week, when I have more time to listen to it. Until then, here are my initial thoughts.

The CD is definitely solid. It really makes you think, as Propaganda did with his 2012 album “Excellent.” I found myself mulling over “Bored Of Education” from the new album, and I also find myself relating to it and understanding. Parents will find understanding in some tracks, impoverished people will find understanding in some tracks, and teens find understanding in others. Propaganda has a unique way of showing that he gets it, and if he doesn’t get it, he’ll say so and move on.

Propaganda also knows how to cleverly bend words and rhymes to create Spoken Word that defies imagination. “Crimson Cord” serves up some great beats, rhymes, and lyrics. Mixed with Propaganda’s wonderful logic and theology, it’s a great combination.

I’m really into the tracks “Crimson Cord,” “Daywalkers,” and “Bored Of Education” at the moment, but that’s likely to change. I haven’t really had time to contemplate the deep meanings behind some of the other tracks, so I can’t truly comment on them (which is why this isn’t a full review).

But hey, if you want to hear the songs for yourselves and form your own opinions, the album is free to download here. Alternatively, you can support Propaganda by buying it on iTunes or Amazon. But for free, you really have no excuse not to give it a shot, so go ahead.

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