Gravity (Movie Review)


So this movie is kinda weird, it’s really slow moving and there really isn’t a storyline…I mean there is but there isn’t…from what I can tell it’s just about people that are stranded in space trying to get back to earth. They run into a lot of problems, and they have to get through it all to get back to Mother Earth. So there ends up being one survivor and she’s able to get to a Russian space station…and she decides to use the landing jets to try to the Chinese Space Station to use their escape pod to get back to earth. She gets to the escape pod just as the station starts hitting the the earth. When she hits land she lands in the water only for her pod to sink. But she makes it out…the end.

Not really a movie i recommend so if i had to rate it id probably give it a 2, just because the graphics were good. Well thats all i have for you today, please like this blog and follow for more content!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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