5 Musical Projects I’m Looking Forward To In 2014

Music is great. Good music is even better. Since some of my favorite artists are slated to release their new albums or EPs this year, I have a lot of good music to look forward to in the next 8 months. Here are the top 5 projects I’m looking forward to the most this year. These are in no particular order.

#1: New Jason Mraz AlbumJason Mraz

Be honest here, who can possibly listen to “I’m Yours” and not feel happy? Jason’s carefree flair is his signature, and I’ve come to love it over his past two albums. On Facebook, Jason has been teasing that his new album should release in 2014; he uses the hashtag #album5 to denote updates that pertain to the new, yet unnamed, album. If it’s anything like “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things,” or 2012’s “Love Is A Four Letter Word,” we’re in for a smooth, easy to listen to treat!

#2: Echosmith’s Acoustic EPPicture1

On my “Best Of 2013” list, I told you about Echosmith’s debut album “Talking Dreams.” I absolutely love that album, and I’m very excited to see what they do with the acoustic EP, which will provide more laid back renditions of some “Talking Dreams” tracks. They have been advertising this unnamed EP on Facebook lately, and they have also revealed that a new track will be added to the EP as well. They are in the final process of recording the EP, so I would be highly surprised if it doesn’t release within the next few months.

#3: TryHardNinja’s Second Album

In an update a while back (that I am far too lazy to sift through YouTube and find), TryHardNinja announced that he was working on his follow-up album to last year’s “In Real Life,” which spawned the single “Take Back The Night.” Oddly enough, “Take Back The Night” charted on the Billboard dance/techno charts, and the official music video has about 39 million views, which puts it at the #4 spot on CaptainSparklez’s most viewed list (the video was posted there to reach a larger audience than on TryHardNinja’s channel). I’m very excited to see what new music TryHardNinja has for us, and if it brings the same diversity as “In Real Life,” I will be satisfied.

#4: Crimson Cord by Propaganda

Last summer, I saw Propaganda in concert, and I had never heard of him before. Now, he’s one of my favorite rappers, and his newest album drops in a week and a half; on April 28th. His first single off the album can be seen in this YouTube video; I absolutely love the vibe and message of this song. I really like the way that Propaganda crafts his speech so eloquently, yet he makes it so easy for everyone to understand. His messages and thoughts are profound, and I’ve never contemplated more about the topics of a rap album (or any album) than I did on his 2012 “Excellent.” Here’s to hoping that “Crimson Cord” brings the same thought-provoking style.

#5: Owl City’s EP(s)

As I mentioned in last week’s article, Owl City will be releasing a string of EPs in 2014 rather than releasing one full album. In his message to his fans, he said this was something new he wanted to try. I’m hoping that dividing his work into multiple EPs will allow him to explore multiple styles. It’s tough to do that on a single album because all the songs have to flow together one way or another, so a general mood and tone has to be present throughout. With multiple EPs, Owl City would have the ability to make one similar to his older, original style, another with more dubstep and bass, and maybe one devoted completely to Christian music. The possibilites are nearly endless, so I am really excited for these EPs; I’m surely hoping he capitalizes on the opportunity to be incredibly diverse in his offerings this year.



What projects are you looking forward to this year? Comment below with your selections!



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