Sunday I went and watched God’s Not Dead with my youth group and it was a really good movie! Matt touched on it a little in his post a few weeks ago God’s Not Dead: This Movie Is ImpactfulSo ill give my take on it. And I will try NOT to spoil much of it!

The movie is about this professor and this student, The professor teaches there is no god and the student, Josh, says that there is (and there are some side stories in the movie that I wont even talk about) so it’s just a debate. Everyone thinks that Josh is crazy and that he can’t win against the professor but Josh takes a big step of faith and decides to do what he thinks God wants him to do, and that is prove that God’s Not Dead!


Okay I said I wasn’t going into the side stories but I know you are curious, I mean if you are still reading you must be! I’ll briefly cover it. There is one person who is dying and it seems like her whole world is falling apart, the professor’s girlfriend is a christian so there is an issue there, There is a guy who’s mother is dying of old age and he thinks he’s too busy to go see her, and I think there is one more (you’ll just have to watch it).

Bottom line it was a very good movie and I highly recommend it whether you are a christian or not but if you aren’t and you do go see it you should have an open mind about it! Well that’s all I have for you today! Please like and follow this blog!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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