Frozen (Movie Review)


This past Friday I went to my friends house and watched Frozen. I had heard that it was a very good movie so I wanted to watch it. I personally think it wasn’t as good or maybe just as good as Tangled. Disney seems to have a theme lately and it seems to make any of their movies a like. The animation or something.

25160900So the movie was about a princess and a queen and the queen has the power to freeze stuff and she couldn’t control it. Blah blah blah! Bottom line is someone gets frozen and to unfreeze that person there has to be an act of true love. And there was a hug between the queen and the princess, which a lot of people said that they were promoting gays. I think it was just a family kind of true love. Sadly we live in a world where there is not much or family love. So it was an okay movie.

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Just Rambling,
John Stuart


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