God’s Not Dead: This Movie Is Impactful

Lately, I’ve seen and done a lot that has strengthened my faith in God. I went to an event called Collide in January where I became motivated to start reading my Bible daily, which I hadn’t ever stuck to before. I now read three chapters a day, and I’ve made it all the way from Matthew to 1 Corinthians sine February. Just last week, I saw a powerful play called Flight 666: Dead In Dallas, where I was presented with a depiction of judgement after death. Will I be prepared for Heaven when I die? Am I truly worthy of it? Then, just the other day, I saw God’s Not Dead in theaters. I feel as though God is teaching me a lesson slowly but surely this year. When I put together all these points, I realize that God wants me to grow in my faith, he wants me to realize that I need to be ready for Heaven at any time, and now that I understand this, I must go out and boldly declare that he is alive, which is exactly what the movie God’s Not Dead wants us all to do.

For those of you who don’t know, God’s Not Dead is about a college freshman who enrolls in a Philosophy class only to find out that his professor is an adamant Atheist. Not only does he share his beliefs, but he forces his students to accept them as truth as well by presenting them with a very lucrative deal: if everyone unanimously declares that God is dead, then the section of the class focusing on religion can be skipped, and this portion of the class is where students always score the lowest. If even one student objects, then the whole class must do through the section.

Josh Wheaton cannot declare this statement, however, because he is a Christian. As a result, he must defend his position and convince the majority of the class that he is right and that the professor is wrong, which is a daunting task. In the end, he does successfully prove God’s existence, but I won’t go into detail, lest I spoil the movie for you. Hurry and find a theater where you can watch it, though; it is truly a thought provoking movie. Be sure to stick around because John will be posting his review of the movie in a week or two.

The interesting point of note is that God’s Not Dead shows us a logical, philosophical way to prove God’s existence, which I had never seen before. Oftentimes we try to find other ways to rationalize our thoughts and beliefs, and we often realize that sometimes, atheistic philosophy can have some serious flaws in the system. More importantly, God’s Not Dead shows just how important it is for us to declare God’s existence to the masses; this goes hand in hand with what I plan to preach about at a youth convention next month. It’s weird how these things go together… wait, no it isn’t. God planned it that way all along, didn’t he? He allowed me to come up with my own message, then he backed it up by showing me God’s Not Dead. He’s practically telling me “this is what I want you to say. this is what you need to tell my people” Alright; that’s cool.

See, God is alive. But, as the Newsboys song states, he’s living on the inside. You can’t see God. Metaphorically speaking, He can be seen through our lives, but only if we allow it to happen. If we live lives focused on Him, others will see Him in our actions everyday. This is exactly what we’re called to do as Christians; it’s the whole point!

John 3:30 tells us that we must decrease so that He may increase. God can’t be seen unless we allow Him to be shown in our lives. In order for that to happen, we must make less of ourselves and more of Him. We must think less of ourselves and think more about Him. We have to do less for our own personal gain and do more for the advancement of His kingdom. God is alive, yes, but we hide Him away. We make Him hide behind us when we live and act for ourselves. For Him to roar like a lion, we have to give Him a voice–our voice. We must allow His message to be heard and preached through us.

Guys, it sounds like we have to drop everything and devote it all to Him, but it’s not like that; it’s much easier than we make it seem. I’m not going to give you all the answers, but ponder this: If John could explain it in a mere 7 words in book 3, chapter 30, how hard can it really be?

Think about that,




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