Top 5 Most INTENSE moments in gaming

Ancient Wolflord

You know what I love more than anything in gaming? That moment when your heart starts pumping at twice the normal rate. That moment where your jaw hits the floor and you just can’t help but  be amazed and when everything ends you’re just like “woah…that was epic.” These moments are the reason I play games. (And totally not because I have no life >_>) These moments can best be summed up with one word, intense!  These are my personal top 5 most intense moments in gaming.

**NOTE** These are my opinions from my repertoire of gaming experience. There may very well be more intense moments in games I never played. I encourage you to comment any of your experiences for us to read. 🙂

**WARNING** spoilers for games lie ahead, continue at your own risk.

5. Sonic Adventure 2 First Level


Sonic Adventure 2 is arguably the Sonic…

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