Saying I’m Sorry

When you say “I’m Sorry” what does that really mean? Well the first thing that comes to our mind is we realize we did wrong and we are sorry…but do you stop at “I’m Sorry”? Most people do, and some times they do whatever they were sorry for again…then they say they’re sorry again. If you are truly sorry you will show that you’re sorry. If you broke something, replace it. If you broke someones arm well then maybe help them to the doctor. If you said something hurtful well then say something nice and cheer that person up.

There is so much more to being sorry then just saying the words. You have to use actions to prove that you are truly sorry. Now I guess there might be a few times that just the words are okay. If its something you can’t replace then maybe just saying sorry is the best you can do. If its emotional then you have to be real careful because if you try to hard they aren’t gonna accept it. You just have to be careful but my point is use actions to prove that you are sorry more than just the words.

That’s all I have for you today, I hope I made you think a little, please like this post and follow the blog and share with your friends! Tell me your opinion in the comments! Thanks guys!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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