Burn Notice is about a guy who used to be in the CIA but then got black listed and was kicked to Miami to stay there forever. Couldn’t find a job, all his bank accounts are frozen and it looks like his life might as well just be over. So he spends his time just helping people who come to him solve crime. Its a very intense show and i highly suggest you watch it.

Im not gonna go season by season and diffidently not episode by episode because it has 7 seasons. Its hard to go into without giving spoilers, so im just gonna tell it like it is. The main character’s name is Micheal Weston, after being black listed or burned hes stuck in Miami right? So in Miami is his mom and his old girlfriend Fiona, who begins to help him get his life back together and also help him in some of his jobs helping other people.

burn_noticeAlong the way he drags along his old buddy Sam and his younger brother. They help a lot of people and that’s pretty much what the show is about, is helping other people with their problems. But Micheal has problems of his own. Since he doesn’t have protection from the government all his old enemies are coming after him. So Michael, Fiona, Sam and Micheal’s mom have to also fight off those people too.

23During one job, breaking into a government building to get some information off of a computer Micheal causes another spy to be burned, Jessie. After burning Jessie they decide they need to find him and help him. At first he doesn’t want anything to do with them but he becomes apart of the team later.

Burn Notice S7 CastSkipping to season 7 because i think that season was very different from the others. Micheal get kidnapped and the bad guys are trying to get into Micheal’s head and get some answers out of him with lots of torture and everything…Thats all im gonna tell you! Go watch the show and find out everything i didn’t tell you!

Thats all i have for you today! please follow and like this blog and give me feedback! Thanks everyone!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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