What Makes A Gamer?

Matthew Shiflet

So, I was reading an article yesterday called “Play a game or watch a game?” The article was actually in response to my previous article, (the one about Let’s Play videos) and it poses an important question. Does simply watching a series of LPs make you a gamer, or are you a gamer if you only play games?

That question only gives you two possible answers, so let me ask you a broader question instead: what makes a gamer? It’s a question that is becoming increasingly difficult to answer as gaming evolves and envelopes so many different forms of media. I think I can safely assume that I’m a gamer, but does that mean you have to do everything I do to be a gamer? No, it doesn’t. The tough thing is, defining a “gamer” with one set-in-stone definition is absolutely impossible. We can only vaguely try to…

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