Blog Update 2.0

Hey guys its time for another update! I said that if we reached 50 followers then i would “consider” getting a domain, well Ive decided that i need more followers for it to be worth paying $18 or whatever it is. When i get and this is my new goal, 100 followers i will take it into consideration again! But wait there’s more! 50 followers isn’t just a normal day in the park! Its a lot of followers! so what i have done has created a main page! so if you click Home you should see it! it has a list of the latest posts and our bloggers and follow buttons along with other stuff so go check it out! We also have a contact page now! so if you would like to contact us about maybe  advertising with us or just to give us ideas please contact us! Well thats all for this update please like, follow and share this blog!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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