Why Blogging Is Better Then Vlogging

Do you blog, or do you vlog? Both things are great, they are a way to get your voice out there. But what way is better and easier to get views. I will tell you what i think, my opinion so it doesn’t mean I’m right, its just what I think. I will compare the two like i did in one of my other posts (The Difference Between Blogging & Vlogging).

Blogging is great because you can share your thoughts through text and you can make it as long or short as you want. If you know how you can write it in a way where people know how you sound if you were to speak it out loud.

Vlogging is also great because if your funny or just entertaining you can express your thoughts out loud with your voice and your actions. And you can collaborate with other people and boost your views. The problem with Vlogging is unless you have a good voice or you look good most people won’t sit there and listen/watch you for the length of your video. With blogging you don’t have that as much.

So overall it all depends on what kind of personality you have. If you can express yourself through actions and your voice then vlogging is for you. If you are good at writing and expressing yourself through text and pictures then blogging is for you. It’s up to you. Thanks everyone for reading this and hopefully you enjoyed it. Please like this post and follow this blog! We made it to 50 followers know the goal is to make it to 100!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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