Living In A lie

I’m only posting this because i’ve been there, not anymore but i’ve been there. You ever try to keep something from someone for so long that it becomes more then a lie or a secret? You start living two lives, or maybe more and even though inside it is eating you up it still is normal, because you keep putting it off and telling yourself it’ll be okay and one day you’ll tell them. If your keeping something from someone and other people know about that something it makes it hard because you are afraid that they will tell that someone. You become paranoid and scared.

There is going to be one day that it’ll just eat so much of you up that you can’t take it anymore, that you’ll just have break down after break down, until you deal with it. And even once you let that secret out or tell the truth about your lies its not over yet. You are still gonna have to build yourself back up because you’ve been broken down. It takes time to recover. Really its not even worth it, the best thing to do is just tell the truth and try not to keep secrets and you’ll be able to stay away from this.

Bottom line; Tell the truth and don’t keep secrets. Thanks guys please follow the blog and give me feedback!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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