Vine – What I Think


Hey guys, so i’ve started using Vine. Vine is a video service that allows you to record a 6 second video and then it loops (for like 30 times). I started using it for my JMan project and am trying to post twice a day. Its pretty easy if you have a small idea, you can have jump cuts and everything. Really i have a few problems with it. You can only use footage that you record on the app and not from whats on your device. And the looping gets annoying, if only there was a way you could turn off the looping in your app and mute the sound unless you click on the sound. My other problem is i think there is a ton of fake accounts on there so when your video gets a like or a revine you can’t be sure if its a real person liking or revineing your video. I think Twitter can make some improvements to it to make it better.

But anyway i have two Vine accounts, one personal and one for JMan. Please go follow them, or at least my personal one because i revine everything from JMan.

Personal Vine

JMan’s Vine

Thanks everyone! Please follow this blog and give me feedback!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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