Music Video Storyline: Anthem of the Lonely vs. Get Back

So I’m posting this because i don’t really understand the storyline between these two Nine Lashes music videos. They both go together I’m just not sure how. Here is the first one “Anthem of the Lonely” which i’ve always thought it was Anthem for the Lonely but oh well.

So now that you’ve watched that, i’m going to point out some things, things that are cool and stupid! One thing is most of the time he’s singing into a light and i think its kinda stupid, i mean who does that, it would be more normal if it was a hairbrush haha but on the other hand it does look kinda cool. Another thing is the part where the drummer drums with his fist, its kinda stupid. But some cool parts are the slow motion and the way they torture them and how it ends. Okay heres the second video “Get Back”.

So notice how it plays some of the first music video and then says “48 Hours Earlier” and it doesn’t really connect at the end of “Get Back” to lead on to the other video. That’s all i have to say about that. But it is a cool music video!

So let me know what you see! Thanks for reading please follow and like this post!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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