We Need More Female Equality In Gaming

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It’s strange how media works; not just video games. If I look at Christian music, pretty much 9 out of every 10 well known lead singers or solo artists are male (and most of them are white, but that’s a different story). In film, most movies feature men as the lead, with females usually taking the supporting roles. At that, many movies feature the cliche “damsel in distress,” but the industry is starting to move away from this, it seems. In gaming, we’re seeing the exact same story. Most video games are centered around male characters, and most times, females just have supporting roles. In lots of games, they’re scantily clad, (mainly RPGs where their armor makes no sense whatsoever) or overall, not very important. Yes, many high-profile games recently have included females as important characters, such as Bioshock Infinite or The Last of Us, most recently. However, aside from Contrast and Tomb Raider, I’m having a tough time thinking of a recent game with a female lead. Long story short, for some reason, women aren’t very well represented in the gaming universe, and it’s really not fair.

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