How To Be Selfless

Hey everyone so today I’m gonna give you some tips on how to be Selfless! Now first off, i am not an expert on this and i may be wrong on a few things but hey maybe you will learn something, maybe we can learn something together!

Being selfless is basically putting others before yourself. its a really good trait to have if you can do it. I have been known to be selfless at times, so i basically know how it works. Being selfless can be good and bad. Really what fuels me to keep being selfless is i see that I’m actually making people happy and I’m actually making a difference not just by completing what i want to do. By seeing that i make people happy  hats what keeps me going that’s what helps me be selfless. The bad side to being selfless is that the important things that you need to focus on for yourself you don’t very much. And that can be a problem when there are life choices you need to make but you keep putting it off because you are focused on others. Like i said being selfless is a good thing and if you can do that then keep doing it. Just find the balance between being selfless and focusing on what you yourself have to complete.

That’s all i have for today please follow, like and comment with your feedback on what you think being selfless is!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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