Idolizing Christian Musicians


As you may know, I went to Winterjam a couple times this year, which is the largest Christian tour in the world. While I was there, I noticed something that got me thinking. As I was standing in line to get Colton Dixon’s autograph, I looked around to see a bunch of teenage girls also standing in line. Apparently, teenage girls think he’s cute, because they were snapping selfies with him, asking if they could hug him, having him sign their hand, and all that sort of stuff. Do they even listen to the message in his music? Of course, I know there are people out there that can both listen to the message of his songs and think he’s a good looking guy, but I wonder how many of those girls standing there were in line primarily because they were fangirling over his hair. Then I started thinking, how often do I forget the meaning in Christian songs?

I listen to a lot of Christian music. I’m really into Skillet, tobyMac, Royal Tailor, Colton Dixon, Everfound, and Capital Kings. Every once in a while I’ll listen to some Newsboys or Jamie Grace, and maybe some Propaganda, and all the artists on this list have great messages. For example, I had never heard of Propaganda until I saw him in concert at a summer camp I went to last year. During the concert, I listened to the point behind his rapping; as it turns out, this guy is a genius. He’s figured more out in his life than I think I ever could on his own, and every time I listen to his latest album, Excellent, I always think, “wow; that’s a good point.”

But when I listen to Royal Tailor, I occasionally get caught up in just listening to the music; the beats and the instruments working together. Sometimes I’ll be singing along without even realizing the words I’m forming. I get caught up in the upbeat tracks and I forget that they’re singing about important topics. At their concerts, of course, the fangirls go nuts because , and I quote, “Oh my gosh, Tauren is so cute!” (Tauren is the lead singer). Have they forgotten the purpose too?

Basically, this is just me thinking out loud. When we listen to young, “cool,” Christian artists and bands, we always have to remember that the primary purpose is to be uplifted through the messages they’re presenting. The swag factor comes second. Are you listening to the message God has given them, or are you watching the dance moves and envying their shoes?

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P.S., I totally understand why Christian arists “have” to wear nice clothes, practice their dance moves, etc. By appearing to look like any other band to appeal to teens, they can reach out to those who wouldn’t notice them otherwise, thereby spreading the message. This is also why Christian bands cover secular pop songs; if a non-believer stumbles upon the cover, then one thing leads to another, and they’re jamming out to Christian songs too.


2 thoughts on “Idolizing Christian Musicians

  1. Christian artists should definitely be not cover secular music because secular music is satanic I don’t care what they’re singing about if it does not glorify God they are singing in vain. Music was made to give God glory people should use it the way God made it to be used.


  2. So many people are idolizing the artists themselves instead of the one who created them. Why worship the creation when you could worship the creator? Makes no good sense…God sees idolatry as adultery. Anyone who’s doing this is literally cheating on Father God. It’s like tying up your husband and hiring prostitutes and prostituting yourself right in front of your loyal and loving husband.


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