Nine Lashes – From Water To War (Music Review)

artworks-000067831544-ypubkk-t500x500Nine Lashes third studio album (second with Tooth and Nail Records) came out on January 21st. I per-ordered it plus i was able to listen it early on so here is my track by track review!

1. Never Back Down: This is one of my favorite tracks on the albums and its great that its first because i don’t have to skip through to find a favorite. There are some lyrics i cant make out like right after “we will never back down” so if you know it let me know!

2. Break The World: So this song was their first single for this album. It has a good message. Its good for people that are dealing with depression. It tells us that there is a hope if we just cry out to God for help. It has a techno feel to it but its alright.

3. Where I Belong: This is another one of my favorites! It has some good vocal riffs in it and just a good message about surrendering to God because we belong in his arms and that we can’t make it without God because he is the only one!

4. Lights We Burn: this is kinda one of my favorites i like the line “You heard with a frown bravo, bravo”. The song tells a story of the lights the we started are burning out, so like we are backsliding.

5. Surrender: This song is a slow and soft side to Nine Lashes kinda like their song Afterglow from their last album. There’s nothing really i can say about this song.

6. You Are The Light: Yet another one of my favorite songs. You know i think there is only 3 songs on this album that i wouldn’t call my favorite. This song again has some good vocal riffs in it, like crying out to God and telling him “You are the light”. This song reminds me of Get Back from their last album.

7. In The Dark: This song is crying out to God and saying “Save me, im falling apart because of fear”. Its a good song but not my favorite.

8. Light It Up: This song is a bouncy song that just makes you want to jump. Kinda reminds me of “Light Up The Sky” or “Let The Sparks Fly” by Thousand Foot Krutch. Well Trevor from TFK did help them with this album. Id call this my favorite.

9. Love Me Now: We all make mistakes that we think that God can’t forgive us for, this song is saying like “I know i’ve messed up can you still love me?” and let me tell you, God will always love you and forgive you if you ask. Another one of my favorites.

10. Cover Your Own: This song i think could almost be a worship song. Its not one of my favorites but its still a good song, and it has a good message.

That’s all people, go buy the album and support the band, and support us by liking the post and following this blog!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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