So i was in youth group last week and the youth leader (She is awesome btw) was talking about our futures and then she was saying how when we look down at ourselves or hate something about ourselves that what we are doing is putting a roadblock between ourselves and God. God made us in his image and when we deny that we are kinda stepping away from Him. We are kinda saying “i don’t like how i look, God why did you make me like this” or “God why did you get lazy on creating me”.

Basically if we look at someone or ourselves and say that its ugly we are calling God ugly, because like i said we are created in his image so by calling God’s creation ugly that’s a insult to the big guy himself, and to that person. God created everything for a purpose so if you have a disorder God has plan for you that will involve that. Maybe you will overcome that disorder or maybe you will use that to help people, i don’t know. So just the other day i was talking to someone who didn’t think she was beautiful and i was able to use what i had learned to help her. I told her that God made her beautiful and by thinking she wasn’t was putting a roadblock between her and God and that God wants her to see herself for who she really is, beautiful.

So don’t look at yourself like the world sees you but as God sees you. I know its easier said then done and i struggle with it as well but the point is to keep trying. Well that’s all i have today please follow and like this blog and give feedback!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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