How To Keep Your Things Balanced

Do you have a lot of things going on and you need to balance all of it? i have some tips that might help you…or just tell you what you already know! We all have things we have to do and things we want to do but if we try to do all of it we just get stressed and want to give up on all of it. It doesn’t have to be that way, ill give you a few tip that could help you.


If you say “okay this is what i have to do and there’s what i want to do” then figure out what is most important and make a list, on your phone or whatever. Go back to that list every once and a while and remind yourself what needs to be done first and what isn’t so important.


Take some time off, even when stuff could be gotten done, set a time of the day and stop when that time comes and just put everything aside for the rest of the day and relax, watch tv, play games or whatever helps you relax.

Make It Fun

If you have to like clean your house or whatever it is, make it fun. Sing or dance or listen to music or maybe watch a video while you work and just have fun and the hard work wont be as boring as it seems if you just try to have fun while you do it.

That’s all I have for you today, tune in for a post from either me or Matt here soon! Thanks guys for all your support please follow the blog and give feedback!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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