Top 5 Things On My Bucket List

So hey guys i kinda just wanted to make this post and tell you the top 5 things on my bucket list! Never heard of a bucket list? first off, are you from this planet? What year were you born? haha So anyways i guess ill explain a bucket list just for the fun of it, a bucket list is things that you want to do before you die, so its things you want to do within you life period. So without further-ado here’s my top 5 things on my bucket list! and by the way this isn’t in any order but it is in the top 5!

Become a Cop

Ever since i was a little kid i think I’ve always wanted to be a cop, i always loved cop chases on movies and tv shows, i like the look of cop cars and really i appreciate what cops do. They get the crime off the street and keep the world safer.

Get Married And Have A Family

One day i want to get married to someone i love and just settle down and like 5 years later (give or take) have kids (only 2) and become a dad and just live life as a family man! Enough said!


I like making videos and you see all these people living off the money they make just simply making a video on YouTube so i might want to do that some day, I’m not really sure. I’d probably get burned out on it after a while so it would never be my full time job.

Play Music On Stage

I don’t know I’ve always just kinda wanted to be a rockstar, even for just like a couple nights, i don’t think i could do it long term cause i get a lot of headaches and sometimes they are so bad that i just have to lay down and do nothing, and I’m afraid that would be a big problem, the show must go on but not when the lead singer is in bed lol

Make A Movie

I’ve had this idea for a movie for a while now and i want to be able to make it/be in it. So like a director/actor. Id like to have some famous people in like Skillet but i doubt that will happen, i don’t know we will see.

So there you go, my top 5 things in my bucket list in no order. Some of these things will probably change in the years to come but you never know. Thanks for following this blog and please give feedback!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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