Thanksgiving Spirit

I know I’m a day late but hey now i can tell you about my thanksgiving! So i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, i did! My thanksgiving was great! i went to see family about 18 hours away (which i didn’t like the drive down to much) but after we got there we had a really good meal, full of turkey and ham and rolls and mashed potatoes and gravy!  We have a lot of things to be thankful for, i know I’m thankful for my family, my family gets together every year around this time and we have great time!  You know some families don’t do that, some families don’t get together for any holiday because they arn’t close or they have issues between each other. But my family gets a long real well and its a blessing! Around this time we all should be thinking about what we are thankful for and have a thankful spirit! Even if your family doesn’t get along there still has to be something your thankful for.

That’s all i have today ill hopefully post sometime next week so please like this post and follow this blog and share this blog with your friends, and remember to be thankful!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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