So i wanted to post this post a few weeks ago but my plan didn’t play out right so here i am now doing it. So whats the point of hashtags? Well ill tell you what I think and maybe it ll change your look about hashtags, maybe better or worse.

Hashtags to me are a way to spread the word about something, like your opinion on Taco Bell or something so that if someone has never been to Taco Bell (which i don’t know anyone who hasn’t) they can look on Twitter and now Facebook the hashtag #TacoBell and look whats new and what people think of it. But i think people over use hashtags like on Instagram like they will post a selfie of themselves and put hashtags like #hot #swag #newshoes #snapback #goodhairday and that is over using hashtags. I use hashtags sometimes but not all the time, oh another way people use them is like if something new has come out like #PS4 or #Xbox1 and i think that’s okay as long as you don’t use that in every post, which i know some one who at the end of every post there is #muhahahahaha and that can get really annoying.

So that’s my opinion or view on hashtags, tell me what you think in the comments and make sure to like and follow this blog and tell your friends!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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