20 Mile Hike

Hey guys, just recently I went on a 20 mile hike, that’s why the post have been slow this week cause ive been recovering from being sore and being sick. But im gonna tell you about it or somewhat about it. It was on a concrete biking trail in a town near me and it was about a 17 mile trail so we had to do some back tracking (which made it harder) but like i said it was all on concrete so that made it harder, but at least it wasn’t up and down steep hills. We started at 6am and we got done with 10 miles of it pretty fast, we stopped for lunch after 10 miles at 9:30 and actually ive done five 10 mile hikes before so that was almost a piece of cake, so i was fine then but then once i got to the 11 mile marker i started to suffer (found out after i got home that i had a fever) and so that’s when it got hard and i felt like it was down hill from there. There were times where i was like half a mile behind but keep in mind that i did have a fever and just didn’t know it, even if i did know it i still wouldn’t have stopped cause that would have meant i would have had to do it all over again and by the time it got real bad was at 17 miles so like why turn back now. But we made it and it was a real experience that ill never forget in life!

Thats all i have for you today…hope to make another post next week but please follow this blog and share it with your friends. Thanks For listening!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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