I Promise

“I Promise” what exactly does that mean? Well like I said in my Facebook post “Promise. Thats a big word, not so much as in how many letters but as in the meaning. When someone promises you something you hold them to that so if they break that promise not only is that promise broken but so is your trust and it might be easy to repair that promise with another promise its harder to repair that trust. Trust is another big word as far as the meaning goes, when you trust someone you have faith and you believe that person so if your trust is broken you can see that cant just repair it easily.” so let me go into more detail on what i think about the word Promise.

Like i said Promise is a big word, it may only have 7 letters but the meaning behind it is way bigger then 7 letters. The official definition of Promise is “a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.” so by promising anything you are declaring that you are gonna keep that promise and by saying “I promise” you are held to those words, at least you should be, most people do remember that you promised something and if you break that promise they will know. They will be upset at you and they will be hurt so if you are about anything in life do you really wanna hurt that person by breaking a promise? So before you go breaking a promise think about that.

Its a good saying to say “Don’t make a promise you cant keep” so if all live by that then there shouldn’t be any promise breaking, but most people that break promises either don’t care or they forget. So should that saying just say “Don’t make a promise you can’t keep or remember” i mean that cant be that hard, if someone wants you to promise something you cant keep just tell them you know you cant keep it or you know you will forget it, they should understand. I think that this happens more in marriage then anything else. People promise to be with someone and they end up not keeping that promise, if you are going to marry someone please do some soul searching with yourself first and make sure your ready for marriage. That would save a lot of people hurt in the world.

So the lesson today is if you make a promise then make sure you can keep it and your good to go. Thanks guys for reading my thoughts on this, i hope to make another post this week or next about a certain social trend, hint “#Hashtag”.

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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